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All the happy things (and a favor)

Happy Saturday, friends! I give you fun and laughter and awwww. And then I ask for a favor. Don’t skip the favor!

“What Does the Fox Say” was a freakish disaster you couldn’t look away from. “What Does the Farmer Say” is one of the best things ever.

31 gifs that will make you laugh every time. (That’s hard g “gifs.” Don’t make the geeks come after you. They have a tendency to swarm.)

First, I want to say I adore Marines, and I would hug you all individually if I could. That being said, this made me laugh maniacally. Via The Duffelblog.

confused marine

Content babies who try to maul each other at the end. Sweet babies.
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Isn’t that wonderful? Now aren’t you ready to do a favor for me?

I’m writing a Thanksgiving article about how immigrants and children of immigrants celebrate Thanksgiving. For example, what traditions or foods do they incorporate from their home countries? So if you are a first- or second-generation immigrant who’d be willing to answer a few questions via email for my Washington Times Communities column, drop me an email at oddlysaid at gmail dot com. Or leave a comment and I can get your email from that.

Thanks and enjoy your Saturday!

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