After tragedy

Since the horrific events of last Friday, I haven’t wanted to blog much.  I didn’t want to just ignore it, but what do I say? That I’m heartbroken? That I’m mystified by the absolute evil that causes a man to target six and seven year olds? That my kids have been on the receiving end of a vastly greater amount of hugs, kisses, and snuggles?  I’m pretty sure that is the least singular thought in America right now.  We are all weeping over our loss, marveling at the heroism showed by the fallen teachers, and praying for the families.

I look at these sweet, brave faces and I just cry.  And I hate death and violence and mental illness and broken families and sin and every awful thing that might have lead to a day when 20 children and 7 women were murdered.

I’ve also been rather disgusted at some of the public debate surrounding “What to do so this never happens again!”  Full disclosure, I tend to fall on the gun-rights side of the debate, but a great deal of the debate from both sides has been … unhelpful.  It seems you’re either a gun-grabbing Nazi intent on subjugating the citizenry or a gun-loving nutter who doesn’t care how many kids are killed as long as you have a fully stocked bunker.

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I don’t think the vast majority of those who support gun control want anything other than for violence to end or at least be reduced.  I happen to disagree with them that it would reduce violence, but I certainly don’t question their motives.  I would hope that they realize that I and the vast majority of gun-rights supporters are heart broken and want to prevent anything like this from happening again, even if we disagree on the way that can be achieved.  I say vast majority, because obviously there are evil, heartless, tyrannical people in the world with no regard for others. But they are not most people, they aren’t even most people on twitter.

For now,  I’m staying away from the debate.  I’d rather hug my kids, love my family and friends, and honor those who have died.  And I’d also like to give those who disagree with me the benefit of the doubt, that they are decent people, horrified at what has happened, and honestly wanting to prevent future tragedies.

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