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A Reason to laugh

I love Reason, even when I don’t agree with everything printed or filmed. Good stuff. Makes ya think. We ought to do more of that.

By the way, do we not remember the not so ancient criticisms of the “rush to war?” “In the rush to war, we did a,b, and c wrong.” “In our haste to vote on the Patriot Act, nobody read it. We didn’t know what we were voting on, blah, blah, blah.”

All valid and often accurate criticisms. We won’t be doing that again.

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Oh yeah, and the funny.

Added: hee again.

Hee from here (although the rest, not very funny): “The point seems to be lost on him that not everyone is going to like him, so he needs to be confident in his own vision to get it done even if it makes Nancy Pelosi frown. And that’s saying something.” Nancy, I kid because I love! Well, not really. I kid because I’m afraid of your face and humor diffuses fear.

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