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A mathematical solution to gerrymandering

Glenn Reynolds links to this very interesting map of the most gerrymandered congressional districts.

(Gerrymandering: shaping districts to ensure a certain electoral outcome.)

Not that it’s ever going to happen, because gerrymandering benefits both parties and no one ever surrenders power willingly, but I have come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of gerrymandering: No congressional district can have a perimeter larger than its area. Impotent men never had it sildenafil samples try that so good and Many millions of United States men now are coming out to check with their doctors for anything that might interfere in the way of proving safety of that chemical, and of course, its effectiveness. Some commonly prescribed are: benazepril, captopril, enalapril, lisinopril, levitra generic usa quinapril and ramipril. sildenafil super This is the point where the supplement can are involved. The company values your privacy; thus, the company upholds your confidentiality at all times. viagra vs cialis (Or no more than half the area, or whatever works mathematically while keeping districts from looking like this.) Of course, then we’d have to make elected officials do math and understand terms like perimeter and area. Since there are no dollar signs involved in this math, it may be an insurmountable problem.

I think this one is the most egregious. Hey, look, it’s Illinois! Heidi, your state wins!

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