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A laymom’s thoughts on Syria

It sucks. No, it really, seriously sucks.

In the two years of civil war, there are 100,000 dead, 2 million displaced. And now allegations of chemical weapon attacks that may have killed 1,400 people, possibly by Syrian President Assad’s forces, but maybe not.

And politically? The British Prime Minister has taken what could be a fatal hit trying to back up President Obama. And Russians are moving a large anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser into the waters near Syria “to protect their national interests.” But it’s no secret Russia backs Assad and wants America to keep it’s grubby paws off their boy.

The United Nations? Well, there’s the whole Russia situation as well as the Chinese backing Assad, so that’s probably a dead end as far as getting the U.N. to sanction military action.

But we have the French on our side! That’s. . . something.
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It’s a hot mess. So ugly and messy, in fact, that a senior administrative official admitted to a reporter “We actually don’t believe that there is a military solution to the conflict in Syria.”

But apparently we’re going in. And by “we” I mean Obama and “his military,” because contrary to the Constitution and statutory law, he’s not seeking a declaration of war from Congress. In this brave new world, shooting missiles at a sovereign country isn’t war. It’s making a point.

So this is my opinion: things are horrible for the Syrians. We need to pray and support the refugees and people of Syria. We also ought to follow the freaking law, and so we should all  probably call the White House as well as our senators and representatives reminding them of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution and the War Powers Act. If we are going to get involved in this quagmire, the least we can do is have our voices heard through our duly elected representatives.

And then? Well, maybe we should pray some more.

2 responses to “A laymom’s thoughts on Syria”

  1. laurie Avatar

    so you got that he is asking for authorization, right? Which I believe he did before you ever even wrote this. Why lie?

    1. April Avatar

      This post was published Saturday morning at 9:12 am CDT and the president’s statement was Saturday at 1:52 EDT or 12:52 CDT, more than 3 hours later. (Reference: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/08/31/statement-president-syria) Unfortunately, I’m not in the President’s inner circle where I was made aware that he was bending to the overwhelming public outcry. But it’s cute that you think I am.

      I’m glad he asked for Congressional authority. I’m concerned about statements made to reporters by his aides saying he’ll strike even if Congress denies approval. (Reference: http://www.ijreview.com/2013/09/76434-obama-seek-congressional-authorization-syria-strike/)

      Thanks for calling me a liar, though. That’s always pleasant.

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