A laymom’s attempt to understand a scandal

What would you say if I told you our government is complicit in the deaths of an untold number of Mexican citizens and two US federal agents?

What would you say if I told you the scheme that caused these deaths is not some fly-by-night, off the rails pet-project of a maverick few, but rather goes to the top of the Obama Administration? Maybe the very top?

“The heck you say, April! If such a thing occurred the outcry would drowned out everything else, even the Casey Anthony trial!”

Yeah, not so much.

Raise your hands if you’ve heard of the congressional investigation into the ATF operation “The Fast and the Furious.” (Mistake one, naming your law enforcement operation after a Vin Diesel flick.) Gunrunner? Gunwalker? Okay, this is the set up: The ATF recruited gun stores to sell lots and lots(at least 2,500) of guns to “straw buyers” who then delivered them to narco-terrorists in Mexico.

Now normally, a sting works like this: law enforcement set up an illegal situation, person engages in illegal acts, person is then arrested for said illegal acts. So if the police set up a drug sting, they will, for example, set up a fake seller and when someone tries to buy drugs, that person is arrested. No drugs are acutally sold or used. In a prositution sting, the person is arrested when they solicit a prostitute, not after they have sex. The point is to catch the bad guys before they can do something bad. See? Not rocket science.

But this is the set-up for “The Fast and the Furious”: gun stores sell guns to straw buyers (which the ATF monitors), the straw buyers take the guns across the border into Mexico. But the ATF has no authority in Mexico, doesn’t look to have organized a multi-national sting with the Mexican authorities, or to have had any other game plan. So now some 2,500 (or more?) guns are in the hands of Mexican Narco-terrorists, thanks to an American government agency. The Mexican government’s got to love us.

To sum up, the ATF plan:

1. Watch illegal guns being sold.

2. ???

3. Profit! (politically?)

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When ATF agents in Arizon questioned the wisdom of the operation, they were threatened with dismissal. At least one ATF whistleblower has been fired.

The Obama Administration has pushed the false meme that 90% of illegal guns in Mexico come from the U.S. Did this operation seek to make that lie true?

In March of this year, Obama was quoted as saying to gun-control advocate Sarah Brady, “I just want you to know that we’re working on it.” “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.” (Outside of the entire gun-control issue, there should be no “under the radar” in a democratic process.)

Countless dead in Mexico, two U.S. Agents dead all so the Obama Administration could advance its political agenda.

So are we outraged yet?

Keep yourself informed:

H/T to the whole dang story to Jimmie at the Sundries Shack. His blog is a great resource for more information and where I first got a good understanding of what’s going on. A couple of weeks ago, he covered the basics on the first half of his podcast, The Delivery. The information in the podcast is a bit dated when it comes to the recent investigative discoveries, but a good start to understanding this.

This is the most definitive time-line of events that I’ve seen.

Katie Pavlich at Town Hall has been all over this.

Pay attention. When you hear “Gunrunner” or “Fast and Furious,” pay attention.

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