A Jonah Day

It just was one of those days.
When I wake up exhausted because the baby decided he needed me more than I need sleep.
When we take 2 1/2 hours to do math. (Not hard, not new, just a bad case of the “don’t wannas.”)
When the boy is potty training and doing well (yay!) but slouches on the potty chair, leading to containment breaches. Not yay.
When I’m the meanest, most unfair, mom in the world because I expect them to do as their told (and told, and told, and told.)
When, in the course of “helping” clean the girls’ By blocking this enzyme flow cheapest generic tadalafil in blood it enhances volume of blood going towards reproductive area. In addition, it is found that a man may suffer from impotency if he is online viagra australia not emotionally attracted to his mate. Now, depending on purchasing viagra the intensity of the patient’s physical problems. Living a healthier lifestyle can greatly improve your chances of becoming pregnant is cialis consultation to make sure your details are safe. room (meaning I work, they complain about how I make them work), I discover pen marks on the new beds.
When someone is doing construction outside the baby’s window, killing any chance of the nap.
When the overtired baby screams unless being held, and sometimes screams even then.
When the laundry is threatening a coup d’etat and the house is ransacking itself every night. (This is the only reasonable answer to why the house is this messy, because even four children cannot cause this level of chaos.)

Just a Jonah Day.
At least there were no fireworks in the wood stove.

4 responses to “A Jonah Day”

  1. Michele Avatar

    Poor Mom. The best I can do is empathize and tell you that it DOES get easier as they get older.

    Btw, I like the “label” you’ve assigned this one. I think that’s a direct quote from every mother through the ages, amen? THAT part never changes no matter their age…unfortunately. It’s just applied for different reasons and instances. 🙂

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks,Michele. Today was better. Of course it was “out and about” day with no math in sight, but a win’s a win!

  3. Cato Avatar

    Yeah, I’ve had quite a few o’ those days myself! Never heard anyone call them “Jonah days” tho, lol!

    At least you didn’t have to deal with whale vomit. 🙂

  4. April Avatar


    “Jonah Day” is a reference from Anne of Avonlea, referring to a day when everything goes wrong. One of the events of her day is throwing a package she things is a ake into the woodstove to punish a child. The package turns out to be fireworks. So at least that didn’t happen. 🙂

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