A gastronomical question

How do you eat candy corn?

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Does that make me weird?

5 responses to “A gastronomical question”

  1. Anne Avatar

    You eat candy corn? Blech.
    That is one candy I just do not understand.

  2. April Avatar

    But Anne, it’s made with honey! Doesn’t that make it wholesome and nutritious? So, I’m guessing you’re voting weird.

  3. Anne Avatar

    My objection to candy corn isn’t that it’s not nutritious and wholesome. It’s that it’s just plain yucky. But I eat my Reese’s cup by poking out the middle, eating it first, and then eating the outside. So weird, I can understand. 🙂 Icky candy corn, I cannot.

  4. Renae Avatar

    I eat them that way, too! We can be weird together. Of course, I’ll have to buy some candy first. I try not to keep it in this house, because I tend to eat it all.

  5. April Avatar

    Anne,I too eat Reese’s that way. I also eat Kit Kat’s layer by layer. My mom freezes snickers and slices them up, so I guess I come by it naturally.

    Renae, I’m happy proud to be weird with you! Candy corn eaters of the world unite!

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