A couple of questions

I suppose I’m like most average-Jane Americans (or Joe, if it fits) watching this financial debacle and wondering what the heck is happening. I keep hearing this word trillion tossed out. Trillion is an impressive number. It kinda gives you goose bumps. I also keep hearing we must do something right now or else the world as we know it will collapse so give us your money and we’ll make it all better. How much money? Oh yeah, one trillion dollars.

Uh, no?

Not until you answer some questions. Not until we understand what caused it, who caused it, who benefited, who ignored, who fiddled while Wall Street was setting itself on fire.

So these are some of my questions:

What politicians got how much money from these companies that failed or are on the verge of failing? Should these politicians recuse themselves from the rescue? If not, why not? Prove you’re not tainted by the money. You want a trillion bucks from us, we want accountability from you. I want to see a list of who got how much from PACS, executives, wives & children of executives. I want to know is any of these people were fundraisers for these politicians and who they raised money from. The heart of all this mess is greed and the love of money, so I want to know how the people in charge of fixing it have profitted.

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Do we really have to do something right now? If we don’t have something done today or tomorrow, or even by the end of the week, is it all over? If it’s the people running this show are really that shaky, do they really need to be running this show? I want to know exactly what’s in this bailout. What happens if it doesn’t work? Are we on the hook for more or can we just let them drown like they deserve and try to save ourselves? Yeah, they deserve to fail. They should fail. I’m not saying this bailout isn’t necessary to protect the economy, but don’t tell me these companies don’t deserve to fail as the result of their own greed and incompetence.

Is the root of this problem is the crazy credit of the housing market? Whose bright idea was this and how are we changing it? When we went to buy our first house in 2003, we had to practically beg for an old-fashioned 30-year fixed loan. “But you can get so much more!” “It’s sooo much cheaper to get this cute little ARM/interest-only/purple-unicorn-with-fairy-dust loan.” “Come on’, you don’t want a dinky, 30 year old townhouse. You want a nice single family house on a nice chunk of land! Or at least a new townhouse. Look, shiny!” If cheap, risky credit caused this, please somebody tell me we’re gonna change that.

Is it really the end of the world or are you just saying that to get your hands on our one trillion dollars?

I’m not an economist or the daughter of an economist, but I’m not an idiot either. And I expect the vast majority of Americans feel the same as I do. You want our money, you answer our questions.

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