Painting 9 to 5

Even though I hit my goal of blogging every day for a year, I’m trying to keep up the streak. However, I’ve been painting since sun-up and still not even half done. I’m a little short on blogging power. On the plus side, free labor!


But I still need a post for today. I was going to post this very cool shark poncho Sprite made, but she’s decided it needs blood on the teeth. So that may be tomorrow’s Fine Arts Friday post. Because what says fine arts more than a shark poncho? With teeth!
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I do have an audio book recommendation for you, but you may have to borrow some children in you’re self-conscious about listening to children’s books. While we paint, we’ve been listening to the How to Train Your Dragon series, narrated by David Tennant. They’re so much fun, and not at all like the movies. David Tennant really needs to do more audiobooks.

We’re on book four. Hopefully, we’ll finish the project by the time we finish the books. Or vice versa.

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