Got (raw) milk?

This week in my Washington Times Communities Pages column, I wrote about raw milk sales legalization. As more and more states are letting consumers buy raw milk, we’re seeing more the government push back through armed raids on Amish farmers. Because that makes sense.

Photo by G. Kainz, 2011

Disclosure: my family recently started drinking raw milk. Personally, I think the taste is so much better that pasteurized milk should feel ashamed of calling itself milk. My youngest who hated pasteurized milk, loves unpasteurized milk. And still, after several months of drinking it, double checks that I’m giving him the “good” milk every morning. I’m not sure what this says about the trust in our relationship.

On a more personal, slightly awkward note, my um, digestion has been much better since drinking raw milk.
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But if my child had a compromised immune system, would I still give them unpasteurized milk? Probably not.

However, that’s my decision. Parents have the responsibility and the right to weigh risks and benefits about whether kids should play sports, go to a certain movie, or go to sleep away camp. What we eat and how we feed our families are decisions for the consumer, not a government bureaucrat. It’s interesting as the representatives of the people are passing laws to allow more consumer choices, bureaucrats are fighting that process tooth and nail.

Have you ever tried raw milk? What did you think? And don’t forget to read Between Errands.

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