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100 Words: Halloween story



“What a lovely road. Let’s explore it!” Alice lead the hesitant Tom off the main avenue.

He had been in a dream all evening. The beautiful girl had chosen him from all the boys at the dance and asked for an escort home. Envious eyes followed them as they walked off into the night.

Despite his enchantment, he was wary. Everyone knew to avoid this road, especially this night.

With a glance back at the safe street, Tom trailed after the mysterious girl. He didn’t hear the rustling from the hedges, but he felt the icy fingers on his neck.

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Part of the fascinating “100 Word Challenge” project by Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom.  She offers a different perspective on a classic scary story.

My previous stories are here.

Check out Jimmie’s story and roundup.  I love Jimmie’s mash up of a famous Protestant’s quote with a secret Catholic monster hunting team.

Join in! (If you don’t have a blog, leave your story in the comments.)

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