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100 Word Challenge: The suitors



“He seemed pleasant.”

“If you think a man who manages to be a groveling idiot and a pompous fool simultaneously is pleasant.”

“Mother is determined to get you married, Anna. I think we’ll have to endure these visits until you comply.”

“Or until I make my escape; nursing training begins in a month. How did you manage this removal, Helen?”

“Easily. I served him your ‘special cookies’ to demonstrate those housekeeping qualities he was so keen about.”

“Deftly done! Although it doesn’t match the gent who spat at Mother. That was artistry. Thank you, dear.”

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This is dedicated to my little sister, who has a new blog you should check out. She’s a holistic health coach and has much knowledge and wisdom. It’s a genetic trait.

This story is part of the fascinating “100 Word Challenge” project by Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom.  Her offering is a can’t miss, true story. Seriously, make sure you check it out.

My previous stories are here.

Jimmie doesn’t have one up, yet. But I’ll update when he does. I don’t know how I missed, but Jimmie does have a story and roundup this week. He also went with sisters, with a twist. It’s really great.

Join in! (If you don’t have a blog, leave your story in the comments.)

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