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100 Word Challenge: Music


The old man readied his instrument, bracing himself for what would come.

One day the music had conjured a lion. He had felt wild and the wildness in him roared.

And then there was the joyous spring morning he blew a million flowers through the square.

When his Nell had passed, he had flooded the city with a torrent of tears. Everyone mourned, though they knew not why.

Today he would try to harness the gift, bringing not just emotions but memories into being. He closed his eyes picturing Nell: young, beautiful, graceful. With the first sweet note, she appeared.
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Part of the fascinating “100 Word Challenge” project by Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom.   Join in! (If you don’t have a blog, leave your story in the comments.)

Jimmie’s story and round-up are here. I’m kind of disappointed there’s not more to the wereroo this week. I hope she comes back!

My previous stories are here.

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