100 Word Challenge: Folded Paper



The boy had carefully folded and creased and folded again. Now he took the little bird down to the water.

Lifting the paper crane to his mouth, he whispered, “Live!” He gently set the bird in the water and pushed it into the current.

As the crane drifted away, and the boy held his breath, waiting for it to sink. This time, something unusual and wonderful occurred: The paper became feather and bones, and the crane spread her beautiful wings and took flight.

The boy ran back up to the house and pulled out his book. Ah yes, a dragon.

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Part of the fascinating “100 Word Challenge” project by Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom. 

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Jimmie’s story and his roundup of other storytellers.

Join in! (If you don’t have a blog, leave your story in the comments.)

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