100 Word Challenge: Cacoethes

100 Word Challenge: Cacoethes -- An urge to do something indadvisable.


“To Peter 2017 from Peter 2053,

Codeword: cacoethes.

I’m taking a great risk, mucking with the timeline like this. You haven’t even finished the machine I’ve just sent back to you.

But don’t do it. Don’t go back. Don’t go forward. Destroy both machines. No matter how you try to avoid it, you will affect history in catastrophic ways. I’m using the last available power supply on earth to send this to you. You’ve (we’ve) created a new dark age.

In the name of humanity, stop.”
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Not again, Peter sighed as he settled into the cockpit and reset the clock.

This story is part of the fascinating “100 Word Challenge” project started by Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom. Darleen is taking a break. In the meantime, I was really missing writing micro-fiction, so I decided to set one up. When all else fails, do it your dang self!

Take part in Friday Fiction (or whenever you get around to it)! The idea is simple: using the image as your inspiration/jumping off point, write a 100-word piece of fiction. It’s fun and challenging, and I love reading how different people are inspired by the same picture. Leave your link in the comments, leave your story in the comments, post on Instagram, or Facebook — whatever platform you want to use!  Be sure to tag me. I love reading these!

My previous stories are here. I’ll post links to other stories as I find them.

Image from Unsplash.

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