Who’s that writing?

John the Revelator! It’s the Third Day of Christmas, home of three French Hens and Feast Day of John the Revelator. (Thanks for the heads up, Blaine!)

I tried to find the electric version, but there isn’t anything of good quality online. This is a taste, but obviously doesn’t do him justice. But if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend the Crimson and Blue album.

Even though it’s the Third Day of Christmas (that’s your gift up there), it’s also Tuesday, so I shall do traditional links. Even though it’s not Terrible. Just Tuesday.


I meant to post this before Christmas so you wouldn’t spend your hard earned money on subpar toys. Oops! The 5 Best Toys of All Time.

Trees are smart! (Or at least their Designer is.) The Wisdom of Trees

Why am I not surprised that the Vikings are back?

Speaking of bringers of destruction, here’s  a great political rant by Bill Whittle via Jimmie at the Sundries Shack. (Incidentally, if you have Amazon gift cards to spend, go through your favorite bloggers link to access Amazon. I like the way Jimmie does it: “Amazon Link.” Not fancy, just simple and practical. I like practical.)

Also from Jimmie over at Ending Spending: Bigger government = smaller economy.


There’s a fine line between genius and madness (and I use that line like a jump rope.)

The year in Lego.

Which reminds me, Generation X invites you to get off its lawn. (Language warning, but I heartily concur.)

14 Punctuation signs you never knew existed. (Or maybe you did. Smarty pantsIrony mark full.svg)

And finally, in my epic family picture calendar project, I came across this picture of Bulldozer with his best friend. Prepare to have your heart melted a smidge.

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