Tired after Tuesday

A variation on Terrible Tuesday, because yesterday was so jammed packed, I didn’t get to a simple link post. And I don’t have that many links! I also learned that in the year of our Lord 2011, some people are still unaware of the varied means of communication–emails, texts, phone, carrier pigeons– to let people know that a baseball game day has been changed. Shocking. And infuriating.

Tuesdays. I swear.

But still…LINKS!

Erika Franz, a woman who is now a women yet I knew as a whippersnapper and that just seems wrong, has an excellent website devoted to history and is a source  of really interesting links. The Erika Franz portion of the post:

Her website and a sample post: the History Prof (that’d be Erika. So weird. She was 13 yesterday!) vs. Professor Binn (Hogwarts History Prof.)

Fun links from Erika:    Interactive Civil War Poster A history of Map Monsters! (Please note slide 3: “Here there be dragons” may have originated in a Dorothy Sayers book. This makes me happy. I love Dorothy Sayers.)

Okay, enough of Erika. Moving on!

So, the culmination of my Tuesdays is usually the listening to of the Delivery by Jimmie Bise & the participating in the chatroom with the other Deliverati. It’s happy fun times. However, about 15 minutes into the awesomeness, my computer crashed and I spent about 30 minutes trying to get back on, so I caught the last 15 minutes. Bleh. But hey: podcast!

The last 15 minutes I did catch, Jimmie was talking about this interesting article on 1000 true fans and how to grow your reach by developing true fans. Good stuff for any blogger out there, or anyone who wants an audience for any reason.

I want to can and as soon as Sprouts starts having cheap apples, this is where I’m going to start: Crock Pot Apple Butter. (YUM!)

If anyone wanted to buy me something, you could buy me this. (Click the link. Trust me. You won’t be sorry.)

Finally, a cautionary tale about what happens when people spending OPM: Other People’s Money.  They spend $16 on a muffin. A. Muffin. (Note, this is not a Democratic/Republican issue. This is an ongoing problem & at the heart it’s because there is a disconnect from where the money comes from and who is spending it. The solution: the government should have much less money to spend and have to justify and account for every. damn. dime.)

And now I’m gonna take a nap and recover from Tuesday.

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