Terrible Tuesday

Or there’s too much life in my life.  So, day one of homeschool was, quite frankly, a hot mess. No big: Do over!

The second first day of homeschool was better, but still a frantic attempt to shove everything in to the dwindling hours.  It all works on paper, the execution is a little shaky. No worries. I’ll have it all figured out by May!


Great article on the benefits of being “hung up” about sex. via Instapundit

Also from Instapundit, Canning for Klutzes. I was going to can the fruits of my garden. Unfortunately, my garden failed to be fruity.

One of the thing that can be hard for homeschoolers to describe is the culture questioning aspect of what we do. This kind of sums it up: Disobey. (Language warning.)

The war on America’s (small) farms. The resurgence of farmer’s markets may be brief if we don’t stop this. Which is frankly, the least horrific thing about this.

Oh, and another case of government regulation harming American business. Ahem. Are we seeing a theme here?

Five things people don’t do that you should. Sound advice.

A couple of weeks ago, I got into a interesting twitter tiff with a person who claimed I wasn’t sufficiently pro-life because I think that people who support abortion care about other people.  I know. I’m a total squish. Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote beautifully on this subject, Aborting Charity.

Finally get your tissues ready: Albert Pujols: A superstar on and off the field.


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