Terrible Tuesday, whiney edition

“Hey kids, we’ll go to the pool after we have our chores done!”

“Children, you need to do as your told or no pool.”

“Last warning, disobedience means we will not swim today.”

Sigh. “Give me the DS.”

So… We’re not going to the pool today. The sounds of whine are deafening. I am not surprised. Tuesdays are just evil.



No Carnival of Homeschooling up yet, but it’s scheduled to be at A Life Supreme. Maybe she’s having a Tuesday, too.

Dana at Roscommon Acres shares a beautiful post. If you don’t read any other links, read this one.

I really hope the GOP sticks to this pledge to this: We will not pretend that a bad deal is a good one.

I’m no economist and I’m not a Ron Paul fan, and I’m sure there are ramifications to this that I don’t understand, but I kinda like this idea to reduce the debt.

The most awesome knot on the planet? Judge for yourself.

Homeschoolers, I found the most awesome blog, Kidstechmom, dedicated to technology (usually FREE!) for homeschoolers. And she’s Charlotte Masony! See! You can love gadgets and Ms. Mason, too!

Should Women Think? Mom versus the spiritual charlatan. Very good post.

Finally, for the giggles. (P.S. you should all have twenty-two words on your blog reader. An eclectic mix of awesome.)

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