So, I was wrong

Last fall when I wrote about the TSA molestations (Yeah, I’m gonna use that loaded term. It’s what they are. Deal or don’t read.), I figured it would be a temporary thing because Americans would never put up with this kabuki theater. Once our moms and grandmas started getting felt up, once our grandfather’s urine was spilled all over him, once rape victims, toddlers, and six year olds were violated, we’d stand up and say, “That’s it! Line crossed. Back up or bleed.”  I really thought that.

Boy, do I have egg on my face.

So… go here and watch the video at the bottom of this blog post. (Watch at least the first 3 minutes, but all of it worth the watch. This young woman is amazingly brave and strong.)

“This woman, she touched my vagina four times.”

Let that sink in.  Apparently, you have to stand and be violated multiple times if you want to travel by air. What the hell was that TSA agent expecting to find the fourth time?

Oh, and now the TSA agents are going to unionize. Lovely. That will make it much easier to fire the thieves and sexual criminals among their ranks. Or even to get them to back the hell off from feeling up little kids. Or wear clean gloves.

But I was wrong. I thought Americans loved liberty, loved their families, and loved their self-respect more than to stand like sheep while being manhandled, while allowing women and children to be molested, while being humiliated in the name of security theater.

I was wrong. God help us all.

ht: Evan Pokroy on twitter

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One thought on “So, I was wrong

  1. Ana Brennan

    I totally agree! I thought the same as you. The fact that the American public is tolerating behavior that would be considered sexual assualt in any other context, is beyond disturbing. I thought the (ineffective) TSA regs would have been modified by now. As a form of protest, all the people standing in line should just rush security. Yeah, it would shut down airports, and people would be arressted. But when the airlines start to feel the financial crush, maybe, just maybe there will be some changes.

    I find the deafening silence from civil liberties groups just as distrubing. Everything George W. did was a "violation of civil liberties." But now the treatment of Americans at airports, by OUR government, is some of the most appaulling violations of civil liberties in US history.

    At least the detainees at Gitmo arn't being sexually molested.

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