Terrible Tuesday: I need a nap

Anyone else need a nap? Doesn’t a nap sound lovely? Let’s cancel our plans for today and nap. We can do that, right?

Wishful thinking links!

Evil walks the streets of Staten Island. Don’t click on this if you have clown phobia. I apologize in advance for the nightmares.

Speaking of apologizing in advance, I’m so, so sorry.

Part 3 of the Spaced-Out Challenge guide to the Messier Marathon coming up THIS WEEKEND. Prepare yourselves accordingly. I will be trying to orchestrate a black out of North Texas to eliminate the light pollution. You might want to secure your perishables.


introvert hamster

J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf will be published, only 88 years after he wrote it.

If ever a man had the right to complain, Jim Kelly does. But he doesn’t. (Complain that is.)

Residuals from our Civil War studies: Braxton Bragg, bless his nutty heart:

Ulysses S. Grant recalled in his memoirs a story about Bragg that seemed to suggest an essential need for proper procedure that bordered on mental instability. Once Bragg had been both a company commander as well as company quartermaster (the officer in charge of approving the disbursement of provisions). As company commander he made a request upon the company quartermaster–himself–for something he wanted. As quartermaster he denied the request and gave an official reason for doing so in writing. As company commander he argued back that he was justly entitled to what he requested. As quartermaster he stubbornly continued to persist in denying himself what he needed. Bragg requested the intervention of the post commander (perhaps to diffuse the impasse before it came to blows). His commander was incredulous and he declared, “My God, Mr. Bragg, you have quarreled with every officer in the army, and now you are quarreling with yourself.”

The most read version of the Bible. You’ll be surprised.

Via Twenty-two Words, I really want to try this. Who wants to loan me a semi-truck, a trailer, and an excavator?

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  1. Cindy Watson says:

    Thank you for the Jim Kelly Story. Encouraging!!

  2. April says:

    An amazing man. It puts my own meager problems into perspective, for sure.

  3. Wayne says:

    It is KJV for me.

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